David Pitman


Welcome to my personal website.  It's where you can find out all about me, my thoughts, recordings, compositions, writings, links to my other websites and my current CV.  Soon, you'll able to purchase my CDs, scores and books through here, (you can already download some for free!)

In brief, I am a professional musician, husband to Jan and father to Elijiah and Mason.  The rest you can find out by following the trail markers («  ¿ § $ ») at the bottom of each page.  « takes you to the previous page in the site trail sequence, » takes to the next, $ takes to the (future) online shop (for my ordering my CDs, scores and books) , ¿ takes to my blog (which sits outside the trail), while § takes you back to this home page.

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Thanks for visiting, you can contact me at mail@spiritt.com.

David Pitman